The Swiss Army Knife of Geolocated Time Series Visualisation

Release v0.1.0. (Installation)

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Pygoda is a Python GUI to visualise and analyse efficiently large sets of geolocated time series observed, recorded or computed at different locations on the Earth.

It is developed and maintained by Yann Ziegler @ University of Bristol (UK), School of Geographical Sciences, Bristol Glaciology Centre

This work is part of the GlobalMass project.

Pygoda screenshot

Pygoda means any of the following, depending on your preference:

  • PYthon for GeOreferenceD time series visualisation and Analysis, or

  • PYthon for GeOlocated Data Analysis, or my personal favourite

  • PYthon for GeOlocated time series DiAgnosis

Tasty Features

  • Spatio-temporal visualisation

  • Visualise tens of time series at once

  • Optimised modal GUI

  • Load many data format

  • Extract or compute time series features

  • Fit standard models

  • Sort and filter

  • Geographic data selection

  • Handy t- and y-range customisation

  • Colourful categories

  • Online map layers

  • Customisable theme

A (roughly) exhaustive list of features is available.

User Guide

General Information

Scientific Background

API (for contributors only)

For now, Pygoda does not come with an official public API. The only way to use the software is through its GUI.

An API documentation is provided for contributors, though.

Contributor Guide